Palmerston North City Council


Minutes of the Extraordinary Council Meeting Part I Public, held in the Council Chamber, First Floor, Civic Administration Building, 32 The Square, Palmerston North on 03 April 2017, commencing at 9.02am



The Mayor (Grant Smith) (in the Chair) and Councillors Brent Barrett, Susan Baty, Rachel Bowen, Adrian Broad, Gabrielle Bundy-Cooke, Vaughan Dennison, Lew Findlay QSM, Leonie Hapeta, Jim Jefferies, Lorna Johnson, Duncan McCann, Karen Naylor, Bruno Petrenas, Aleisha Rutherford and Tangi Utikere.




Approval of International Travel for the Mayor - April 2017

Memorandum, dated 29 March 2017 from the Governance & Support Team Leader, Kyle Whitfield.


Moved Leonie Hapeta, seconded Aleisha Rutherford.


1.   That the Mayor be granted approval to travel to Sydney, Australia from Wednesday 5 April to Friday 7 April 2017 for a business opportunity.

The Mayor (Grant Smith) abstained from voting on clause 38-17 above.



The meeting finished at 9.04am


Confirmed 24 April 2017