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Planning and Strategy Committee MEETING


7 June 2017






9.         Pedestrian Facilities and Safety (NZTA) - March 2017                                     Page 5

Memorandum, dated 22 May 2017 from the Senior Transportation Engineer, Glenn Connelly.    








TO:                                Planning and Strategy Committee

MEETING DATE:           7 June 2017

TITLE:                            Pedestrian Facilities and Safety (NZTA) - March 2017

DATE:                            22 May 2017

AUTHOR/S:                   Glenn Connelly, Senior Transportation Engineer, City Networks



RECOMMENDATION(S) TO Planning and Strategy Committee

1.   That the Committee note the progress and actions regarding pedestrian safety and crossing facilities outlined in this report




1.1       The Planning and Policy Committee at its 7 March 2016 meeting considered a report titled ‘Pedestrian Facilities Update on Remedial Works and Improvements’ dated 22 February 2016 from the Senior Transportation Engineer (Glenn Connelly).  The Committee in consideration of that report resolved (Reference Resolution 8-16 below) that officers report; annually regarding the audit of pedestrian facilities / crossings, and quarterly regarding the New Zealand Transport Agency’s progress to improving pedestrian safety on State Highways.

8-16     Pedestrian Facilities Update on Remedial Work and Improvements

8.1       That an annual report be placed on the Committee Work Schedule that provides an update on the annual audit of pedestrian facilities/crossing points within the city, with the next report due to the September 2016 Planning and Policy Committee meeting. This report will also include actions taken to address the specific issue identified in paragraphs 11 and 12 of the report.

8.2       That a quarterly report be placed on the Committee Work Schedule that provides an update on the NZTA progress and plan for future work related to improvement of pedestrian safety, with the next report due to the June 2016 Planning and Policy Committee meeting.


1.2       Arising from submissions to Council’s 2015/25 Ten Year Plan, the Road Planning Team Leader (David Lane) reported to the Planning and Policy Committee’s 1 August 2016 meeting regarding pedestrian safety on State Highway 57 adjacent to the Summerhill Shopping Centre.  The report was titled ‘Aokautere Drive Pedestrian Facilities’ and dated 22 July 2016.  Consideration of this report led to the Committee recommending a technical investigation is carried out, as per Resolution 53-16 below.

53-16   Aokautere Drive Pedestrian Facilities

            The COMMITTEE RECOMMENDS that the Chief Executive be instructed to undertake a technical investigation of pedestrian facilities in Aokautere Drive by the Summerhill Shopping Centre to Pacific Drive and report back in February 2017.


2.         DISCUSSION

Annual Pedestrian Facilities / Crossing Review

2.1       The last annual review of pedestrian facilities / crossings was completed and reported to the Planning and Strategy Committee 21st November 2016.  The next annual report is due in September 2017.  It is expected that few issues will be found given two full annual audits have been completed.  It is therefore proposed to audit a sample of the zebra crossing and kea crossings to assess whether issues remain then decide whether a full audit is needed.  Subsequent years could potentially ensure different crossings are audited with every crossing then be reviewed on a set cycle.

2.2       The review found no compliance issues that needed to be addressed except for the permanent warning signs.  Some additional recommendations were also made.  The issues and recommendations along with progress are summarised in the following table.

Zebra Crossings

Issue / Recommendation


There were several permanent warning signs missing on mid-block crossings and left turn lanes.

The maintenance contractor addressed these as priority.

Warning signs were missing on the side road approaches to crossings.   

The matter was discussed with NZTA and whilst it was agreed that it was common practice not to have warning signs on the side road it would be prudent to install them to ensure compliance.

The side road signs have been progressively installed and work is now complete.

Ten crossings were identified as being wider than desirable

These have been identified for treatment and will be progressed through the minor improvements programme over the next 3 years. 

Concept plans have been developed and design work is progressing.

Realign the centreline for centre islands in three locations.

This work has been done


Kea Crossings

2.3       No compliance issues were identified at Kea Crossings in the 2016 review.

Issue / Recommendation


Pedestrian hold lines be installed in the footpath at one crossing




2.4       The following table summarises issues, progress and planned work relating to roundabouts.

Location / Topic


Ruahine St / Church St

Tender price in excess of budget.  Additional funding required. 

Albert St / Te Awe Awe St

Concepts developed

Land negotiations tentatively underway

Construction 2017/2018

The Square

Roundabouts to be rebuilt as part of the CBD streetscape upgrades

Pedestrian Facilities at Roundabouts

Initial / conceptual review completed

Work being developed, prioritised and designed for inclusion in minor improvements programme.

Detailed external review of some intersections planned for late 2017.



Traffic Signals

2.5       The following table summarises issues, progress and planned work relating to traffic signals.

Location / Topic


Traffic signal controllers

Upgrade of traffic signal controllers complete except for signals around the Square which are subject to the CBD Streetscape Upgrade.

Pedestrian Facilities

Initial / conceptual review commenced.

External review planned (2017 / 2018)



2.6       The following table summarises issues, progress and planned work relating to other pedestrian facilites.

Location / Topic


Pedestrian islands – Grey St

Central islands were installed on Grey Street, near Mana Tamariki and Aorangi Specialists Centre to help pedestrians cross the road.

Positive comment has been received.  Comments about the new facilities indicated that they are; user friendly, easy to cross and safe for disable / impaired citizens.

Mid-block pedestrian islands and crossings

A list is being compiled of mid block and / or centre island crossings of interest for subsequent review.


New Zealand Transport Agency

2.7       The following matters relating to pedestrian safety on State Highways were addressed to the Committee on the 6th of March 2017 in a memorandum titled ‘Pedestrian Facilities & Safety (NZTA) – March 2017’.  The following provides a summary of that report and progress within the last 3 months.

Location / Topic


State Highway 3 / Roberts Line

Development of a detailed business case is underway with completion expected by August 2017.

Construction will potentially commence in December 2017

State Highway 3
Speed Limit

NZTA currently consulting on lowering the speed limit from Sutton Place to Stoney Creek Road to 80 kph.

UCOL Crossing

Improvements discussed with UCOL.

Islands do not provide positive control (stop traffic).

Under/overpass expensive and unlikely to be used.

Traffic signals are the preferred option.

Comment sought from NZTA

Summerhill Shops

Improvement options identified:

-     relocate the centre island

-     reduce the crossing distance

-     rationalise the turn bays

-     reduce the speed limit

-     install traffic signals

This is under consideration by the NZTA.

Aokautere Village

Submissions regarding access to the bus stop in Aokautere Village have recently been received via the Annual Budget consultation.

Further detailed regarding concerns are needed.

NZTA have been made aware of submissions.



3.         NEXT STEPS

3.1       The next steps are as outlined above.







Glenn Connelly

Senior Transportation Engineer